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Our Philosophy

We are an alternative education provision, offering both primary and secondary pupils who are not engaged with mainstream education the opportunities to learn within a vocational environment, developing confidence and effective communication. 

Here at P.L.O.T. we have two sites that focus on the specific needs of our students. We believe in outdoor learning, which is why our Wickham Market site is based on a working farm, with workshops set up to reflect the great outdoors. 

At Wickham, we also have 2 resident horses which we use to help the children in a therapeutic way. At our secondary site, our work space is built to support our older students in gaining vocational qualifications to support them during and beyond their educational career.

We offer small nurturing class sizes

In having a range of facilities, we can cater to a variety of learning styles. With practical and vocational skills being developed as well as an opportunity to explore and develop an understanding of the environment and conservation, we can meet the diverse range of needs our students present us with. Perhaps even more important than the activities we offer is the nurturing environment we offer.

We work with small class sizes with a high ratio of trained support workers to students, ensuring that all of our students are given the time and support that they require. All of the work we do takes into account the desired outcomes for each of our students, however diverse these may be.